NPI’s Proposal for Foreign Investment Bill of Nepal 2019

NPI is pleased to present its recommendations and proposals concerning Foreign Investment Bill 2019 for consideration of the Government of Nepal (GoN). It has been already forwarded to the Government of Nepal on 27th February 2019 through National Planning Commission and now it has been made available on NPI website for public consumption. The proposal includes following three documents which explains and represents NPI’s recommendations and proposals:

      (i) Summary description of and rationale for the proposed new Foreign Investment Bill; 
            (ii) The proposed draft Foreign Investment Bill of Nepal – 2075/2019; and
           (iii) The Rules and Regulations for implementing the proposed Investment Bill of Nepal 2075/2019

These recommendations and proposals are the result of consultations within residential and Nepali diaspora scholars, economists and business managers in Nepal, North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore and reflects the best practices in South-East Asia which is a hub of economic growth of this century.